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How to Change Suggested Reels on Instagram

Instagram’s Suggested Reels feature shows you Reels based on your interests and activity in the app. While this can help you discover new content, some users prefer to customize what Reels are recommended to them. Fortunately, Instagram provides several ways to manage your Suggested Reels feed and fine-tune it to your preferences.Let’s dive into our How to Change Suggested Reels on Instagram guide.

Understanding Suggested Reels

When you open Instagram and scroll through your feed, you’ll notice some posts labeled “Suggested” or “Recommended for You.” These are Reels that Instagram’s algorithm thinks you may enjoy watching, based on:

  • The accounts you follow and content you engage with
  • Your interests and hobbies
  • Trending Reels in your area

The more you interact with certain types of Reels, the more likely you are to see similar Suggested Reels. Instagram personalizes these recommendations to keep you engaged on the platform.

While this can help surface new content, some users want more control over what appears in their Suggested Reels. The good news is you have options to manage these recommendations.

How to Change Your Suggested Reels

Here are ways to customize the Reels that Instagram suggests for you:

1. Hide Reels from an account

If you see a Suggested Reel from an account you’re not interested in, you can hide Reels from that account:

  • Tap the three dots above the Reel
  • Select Hide Reels from this account

This will remove that account’s Reels from your Suggested feed going forward.

2. See fewer Reels like this

You can also hide a specific Reel to see fewer similar recommendations:

  • Tap the three dots above the Reel
  • Choose See fewer Reels like this

This gives Instagram feedback to avoid that type of content in your Suggested Reels.

3. Manage interests

Editing your interests is a great way to refine your Suggested Reels:

  • Go to your profile and tap the three lines in the top right
  • Select Settings
  • Choose Account
  • Tap Suggested Posts
  • Edit interests by toggling categories on or off

Turn off any topics you don’t want to see Reels about. This will filter your Suggested Reels accordingly.

4. Follow hashtags

If there are certain topics you do want more Reels about, follow relevant hashtags:

  • Search for the hashtag and select it from the results
  • Tap Follow on the hashtag page

You’ll then see more Reels with that hashtag in your Suggested feed.

5. Like and comment on Reels

Interacting with Reels tells Instagram you want to see more of that content.

  • Like Reels that interest you
  • Leave comments on Reels from accounts you enjoy

Liking and commenting signals to Instagram’s algorithm that you want to see more of that type of Reel recommended to you.

6. Share Reels

Sharing Reels to your own story or with friends is another strong signal for the types of Reels you prefer.

  • Tap the paper airplane icon under any Reel to share it
  • Select friends or share to your story

The more you share certain Reels, the more likely you’ll see related Suggested Reels.

Additional Ways of How to Change Suggested Reels on Instagram

Along with managing your Suggested Reels, here are some other tips for customizing what you see on Instagram:

  • Mute accounts that you don’t want clogging up your feed
  • Unfollow accounts that no longer interest you
  • Favorite accounts whose posts you always want to see
  • Use hashtags and locations to find new accounts to follow

Fine-tuning the accounts you follow and interact with will indirectly impact the Reels that get suggested to you as well.

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While Instagram’s Suggested Reels aim to show you content you’ll enjoy, you have options to curate what gets recommended. Hide Reels you dislike, interact with ones you like, edit interests, and follow relevant hashtags and accounts. With these tips, you can ensure your Suggested Reels feed reflects your personal tastes and preferences.


How does Instagram choose which Reels to suggest to me?

Instagram’s algorithm analyzes your activity and interests to recommend Reels it thinks you will engage with. It considers the accounts you follow, content you like and share, hashtags you view, and trending Reels in your area.

Can I completely turn off Suggested Reels?

There is no way to completely disable Suggested Reels. However, you can use the methods in this article to influence the algorithm and see more personalized recommendations.

What is the difference between Suggested and Recommended Reels?

Suggested and Recommended Reels refer to the same feature – Reels that Instagram automatically recommends based on your interests and interactions. Both terms describe algorithmically suggested Reels in your feed.

Why do I keep seeing Reels I don’t like in my Suggested feed?

Even if you hide Reels, it can take some time for the algorithm to learn your preferences. Consistently interacting with Reels you enjoy and hiding ones you don’t will eventually improve your suggestions. Checking your interests settings can also help filter your Suggested Reels.

How often does Instagram refresh Suggested Reels?

Suggested Reels are dynamic and personalized. The algorithm constantly evaluates your activity to recommend new, relevant Reels multiple times per day. Hiding content gives rapid feedback, while interests take longer to adjust suggestions.

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