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How To Stop Instagram From Scrolling To The Top Android

Instagram has quickly established itself as one of the premier visual storytelling and engagement platforms on social media, thanks to its user-friendly interface and frequent updates. Instagram continuously introduces features that enhance user experience; one such feature is auto-scrolling functionality which enables users to seamlessly navigate their feeds. In this comprehensive guide we will cover How To Stop Instagram From Scrolling To The Top Android so you have full control over your browsing experience.

Understanding Auto-Scrolling

Auto-scrolling allows Instagram feeds to move automatically upward, showing new content without manual scrolling. This feature offers users a hands-free browsing experience that makes keeping up with posts and stories effortless. While auto-scrolling can be convenient, some may prefer taking control over exploring content at their own pace.

How to Take Control of Auto-Scrolling In order to gain mastery over auto-scrolling, here are the steps:

1. Accessing Instagram Settings

To customize auto-scrolling settings on Instagram, launch the app and tap on the profile icon located in the lower-right corner. This will take you directly to your profile page.

2. Navigating Your Account Settings

On your profile page, locate and tap on the three horizontal lines located in the top-right corner. This will open a menu; scroll down through it until you see “Settings” as an option and click it to access them.

3. Navigating to Account Settings

To access account-related configurations, navigate to “Settings”, tap on “Account”, and then “My Account”.

4. Administering Auto-Scrolling

Under the “Account” tab, find and tap on “Auto-Scrolling”, usually set by default to on. Tap it again to access its settings for auto-scrolling.

5. Enabling or Disabling Auto-Scrolling

Within the auto-scrolling settings, there is a toggle switch which controls this feature, and can be toggled on or off according to your preference.

6. Confirm Your Changes

After making your desired modifications, exit the settings menu and Instagram will save them automatically so your browsing experience aligns with your preferences.

Advantages of Manual Scrolling

While auto-scrolling offers an effortless experience for navigating your feed, using manual scrolling has several distinct advantages:

1. Improved Content Absorption

With manual scrolling, you have more freedom to stop at posts that pique your interest – leading to improved content consumption and engagement.

2. Decrease Overwhelm

Auto-scrolling can quickly overwhelm with information; using manual scrolling enables you to control the pace, preventing rapid content display from overwhelming you.

3. Improved Interaction

By manually scrolling, users are better able to leave comments, like posts and engage more efficiently with content – creating deeper ties within their community on Instagram.

Finding Your Preferred Scrolling Style

Your choice between auto-scrolling and manual scrolling ultimately lies within your browsing habits and preferences. Experiment with both options until one fits better with your Instagram experience. Keep an eye out for updates as Instagram constantly develops; staying informed ensures you make use of its capabilities to the maximum.


Mastering auto-scrolling on Instagram allows you to customize your browsing experience according to your personal tastes. From convenient auto-scrolling or engaging manual scrolling, understanding how to navigate settings gives you greater control of the experience. Stay connected, stay informed, and maximize the journey with Instagram.

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