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How to Turn Off “Discover People” on Instagram

Instagram remains one of the most widely used and sought-after social media platforms, used for sharing images, videos, and connecting with both friends and influencers alike. Instagram offers the “Discover People” feature which suggests accounts based on your interests, mutual connections and activity levels; however there may be times where more control over who follows you would be preferable; to help with this process we provide this comprehensive guide on turning off this feature to provide a tailored and customized experience on Instagram.

What does discover people mean on Instagram?

Instagram’s “Discover People” feature provides suggestions of accounts you might connect with based on shared interests, mutual friends and activities. This helps expand your network by showing profiles that match up with your preferences and interactions – it allows Instagram to facilitate new connections while making its feed more relevant for you!

Why Turn Off “Discover People”?

Before diving into the step-by-step instructions of How to Turn Off Discover People on Instagram, let’s discuss why turning off “Discover People” can be beneficial. While the feature can help users discover accounts that resonate with them, some may find it intrusive or overwhelming. If you value more curated experiences or want some relief from recommendations being constantly sent your way, turning this feature off may give a sense of relief and control back.

Step-by-Step Guide for Disabling “Discover People”

To get started,

1. Open Instagram and Access Your Profile

Open Instagram on your mobile device and access your profile by tapping the profile picture icon at the bottom right corner.

2. Access Settings

Once on your profile page, look for three horizontal lines at the top right corner. This icon represents a menu. Tapping it will give you access to its settings menu.

3. Navigating Privacy Settings

Once in the Settings, scroll down until you reach “Privacy”, tap it to access.

4. Select “Activity Status”

Under the “Connections” section, there is an option titled “Activity Status.” To move forward to the next step, tap this option.

5. Turn Off “Show Activity Status”

You will now notice a toggle switch by the “Show Activity Status” feature, which displays your activity status to others and allows “Discover People” suggestions to appear. Simply switch this off if you would like this function turned off.

6. Confirm Your Selection

A confirmation dialog will appear, asking if you are sure that you want to turn off the activity status. Tap “Turn Off” or similar option to confirm.

7. Enjoy a More Personalized Experience

Congratulations! You’ve successfully disabled Instagram’s “Discover People” feature and won’t receive suggestions based on your activity status anymore. Now you can enjoy a more customized experience on this social network!

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Final Thoughts

Tailoring your social media experience is vital to engaging with content that matters. By disabling Instagram’s “Discover People” feature, you are taking control of its recommendations and creating a more tailored environment for yourself.

Keep in mind that Instagram frequently updates its features and settings, so it is wise to return regularly to the settings menu for any modifications or adjustments. By following these means, you can partake in an additional custom-made and less meddlesome virtual entertainment experience on one of the world’s driving stages.


Why does discover people keep appearing on my Instagram profile?

Instagram’s “Discover People” feature provides potential new connections based on your mutual friends, interests and activities. If the feature keeps appearing on your profile, it may be due to Instagram wanting to help you identify relevant accounts to follow and engage with. If it bothers you too much, however, simply dismiss or hide it; otherwise if it persists then consider changing your privacy settings or clearing your app’s cache to resolve this problem.

How do I turn off suggested posts on Instagram?

To turn off suggested posts on Instagram, follow these steps:

  • Open your Instagram profile.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner to access the menu.
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and select “Account.”
  • Look for “Posts You’ve Liked” and toggle off “Suggest Similar Accounts.”

This should prevent Instagram from showing you suggested posts based on your previous likes and interactions. Keep in mind that Instagram’s interface might change over time, but these general steps should guide you to the right settings.

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