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Why Is The Following Button Green On Instagram

Why Are People Following Button Green on Instagram?

Welcome to our blog post exploring why Instagram chose green for their “Following” button! Have you ever found yourself asking this question, too? In this piece we will examine the psychology of color as well as explore their branding strategy as possible explanations behind their decision – let’s get exploring! So let’s get going!

The Power of Color for Interior Architecture.

Color plays an integral role in our everyday lives, from evoking emotions to inducing decisions to conveying messages. Design-wise, color selection can have a huge effect on user experience and brand perception – Instagram being one of the world’s leading social media platforms understands this importance of hue in their interface design.

Instagram’s Branding Strategy

Before delving deeper into the “Following” button, let’s take a step back and consider Instagram’s overall branding strategy. Renowned for its visually engaging content, Instagram has carefully created an identity that exudes simplicity, creativity and friendliness – their iconic logo composed of vibrant purple hues set the perfect atmosphere.

Psychological Perspective on The Green Button

Instagram may have chosen green as its “Following” button because of the psychological significance it holds for users. According to color psychology, green symbolizes growth, harmony, renewal and balance as well as nature, balance and tranquility – all qualities associated with serenity and positivity that could help users engage with their network of friends and creators on Instagram.

Stone Out From a Sea of Blue

Green is not typically associated with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter; most of us are used to seeing blue as the dominant hue. By choosing green for its “Following” button, Instagram not only stands out among competitors but also creates an unforgettable visual experience for its users, helping it maintain its leadership role in an otherwise overcrowded market. This differentiated experience helps Instagram establish themselves as pioneers within social media’s landscape.

Consistency and Brand Recognition

Instagram uses green for its “Following” button not only to elicit feelings and stand out visually, but also to keep its brand identity consistent across applications – this ensures users can easily recognize Instagram wherever they may be! Consistency between design elements helps build strong brand identities. By employing this consistent shade throughout its application, Instagram reinforces its presence while making sure users recognize it quickly wherever they may be on its platform.

Appealing to Colorblind Users

As accessibility is at the core of inclusive design, it is worth investigating whether Instagram’s choice of green “Following” button takes into account the needs of color-blind users. Color blindness affects an estimated 10% of people worldwide and thus designers must find alternate means of conveying information. While green may not easily distinguishable for those suffering from certain forms of color blindness, Instagram compensates by including other visual cues like iconography and positioning to ensure clarity for all.

Influence of A/B Testing

When it comes to user interface design, A/B testing is an essential tool for optimizing the user experience. Instagram, along with many other technology companies, utilizes A/B testing on various design alternatives in order to determine which ones drive desired user behaviors – it is likely that Instagram made their decision of making “Following” button green a result of rigorous A/B tests showing it generated higher engagement and satisfaction scores compared with other options.

Instagram’s Future Designs Are Uncertain

As with any popular platform, Instagram’s design is always evolving. While its green “Following” button may have cemented itself into millions of users’ minds, Instagram may choose to experiment with other colors or designs in the future as part of their mission to redefine user experiences and adapt to emerging trends.

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Instagram’s green “Following” button is an artfully chosen design element that aligns with their overall branding strategy. By employing green, Instagram evokes feelings of harmony and renewal while distinguishing themselves in the social media landscape. Furthermore, consistency in color enhances brand recognition while accessibility ensures inclusivity for all users. We look forward to see what exciting design choices they come up with next!

If you’re curious to explore more of the psychology of color or Instagram’s design development further, we suggest consulting reputable sources and design blogs. Keep an eye out for future updates from Instagram as their design choices could influence other platforms as well as shaping user interfaces in general.

Take time to appreciate all that’s around you – even the green “Following” button on Instagram may hold unexpected secrets! Happy scrolling!

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